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The school fun fair is going to be a great time, but a few games still need to be organized. It is your class's responsibility to organize the rest of the games.


With a partner, find out about 2 of the following games.

  • milk bottle throw
  • star dart game
  • ring bottle toss
  • lollipop pick
  • duck pond

Describe 2 games briefly. Decide what supplies you will need and how much. Go to the Fun Fair Supplies Sheet and choose the supplies you will need. Calculate which size and price is the best. Explain your choices and show your work.


  1. Go to The Carney Games. Read about the games listed in the Task section. Write a short description of 2 games on your Game Sheet.
  2. Talk with your partner about what supplies you will need for the games. Decide what quantity you will need. The large parts of the games, such as tables and boards will be provided for you.   Explain your thinking. Write your explanation on the Game Sheet. Before you decide on a quantity, consider how many people will be playing your games at one time.
  3. Go to the Fun Fair Supply Sheet. Look at the different sizes and prices for your supplies. Decide which sizes and prices are the best. You can buy more than one size of an item, if you like. Explain your thinking and show your work on your Game Sheet.



The Carney Games


Game Sheet

Fun Fair Supply Sheet



Did you organize your work so it is easy to follow?


Did you show all your steps?


Did you explain your thinking?