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This year's Funny Olympics will feature events such as a penny thumb toss, a paper clip flick and a tissue-paper kick. Another possible event is a paper plane race. What will a paper plane race be like? Let's find out.


In a group of 4 you will compete in a paper plane race. The winner will be the plane that flies the farthest. Each person in your group will choose a paper plane design from the Internet and from it create a paper plane. You will give your plane a name and measure its length. In a chart, you will record the name of each pilot and plane, their lengths, and the distances each plane reaches. Decide who is the winner. Show your work.


  1. Look at the different paper planes designs at 1 or 2 of the following sites:

    Alex's Paper Airplanes
    The Paper Airplane Hangar
    Jline Paper Airplanes
    Phoenix Sky Harbor Airplanes

  2. Choose a design. Print a copy of the instructions. Make sure you do not pick a plane that is too complicated.
  3. Read the instructions carefully. If you are sure you understand, begin making your plane.
  4. Measure the length of your plane. Give your plane a name.
  5. You will need to print a copy of the Paper Plane Race Chart or create your own chart to record flight distances.
  6. In the chart, copy the name of each person in your group, the name of each of the planes and their lengths.
  7. Decide as a group a) what unit of measurement you will use to measure the flight distances of your planes and b) what you will use to measure the distances. Explain your thinking.
  8. You are now ready to begin the race. Record the distances for each plane.
  9. Decide which plane won the race. Show your work.



Alex's Paper Airplanes
The Paper Airplane Hangar
Jline Paper Airplanes
Phoenix Sky Harbor Airplanes


Paper Plane Race Chart


30-cm ruler
metre stick
measuring tape (optional)
paper clips




Did you measure the length of your airplane?


Did you record distances in a chart?


Did you choose appropriate units of measurements?


Did you explain your thinking and show all your work?