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Web Quests




In this web quest your child will use their knowledge of shapes to describe 2 flags of their choice, as well as create and describe a flag of their own.


Part A

  1. Together, read the Introduction to the Student page. Discuss the questions presented. Some flags you could discuss are; the pirate flag, peace flag, and the white flag.
  2. Visit 1 or 2 of the following websites which show a wide array of flags of the world:

    World Flag Database

    Flags of All Countries

    Flags of the World

    You may also want to have your child do his or her own web search as flag-related websites are quite numerous and easy to find.

  3. Browse the collections of flags. Have your child choose 2 of his or her favourites. Before choosing, remind your child that he or she must be able to describe the flags using math language.
  4. Have your child print a copy of each flag. Have him or her describe the flags using math language.

Part B

  1. Discuss with your child what story he or she wants his or her flag to tell.
  2. Have your child design his or her flag. Review the rules before beginning.

Part C

  1. Orally or in writing, have your child describe his or her flag. His or her description should include:

    a) the story it tells;

    b) an explanation of his or her choices of images;

    c) identification and description of shapes using math language.

Your child should be familiar with the following vocabulary: parallelogram, symmetry, lines of symmetry, congruent, vertices, vertex, parallel, and rhombus.