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Web Quests




In this chapter your child has been building on their adding, subtracting and money skills. For this Web Quest, your child has been asked to describe 2 carnival games and decide what type and amount of supplies he or she will need for each game. Using a supply sheet, your child will decide which size is best, taking into account the different prices.


  1. Together, read the Introduction and Task sections of the Student page. Discuss briefly what the object of each game might be and what supplies you would need to play it.
  2. Visit The Carney Games. Given the ever-changing nature of the Internet, it may be wise to check first to ensure that this site is still up and running. Conducting a search using the key words 'carnival games' should provide you with at least one site that will provide similar information.
  3. Have your child choose 2 of the games from the list. Be sure to look at the pictures of the games, which will give your child a reference point for their estimate of the amount of each item he or she will need.  
  4. Have your child print a copy of the Game Sheet and Fun Fair Supply Sheet.
  5. Your child should write down:

    a) their description/rules of the 2 games;

    b) what supplies they will need;

  6. c) an estimate of the quantity of each item.

  7. Encourage your child to explain his or her thinking. Have your child show any work that he or she did to reach these numbers.
  8. Using the Fun Fair Supply Sheet, tell your child to decide what size would be the most appropriate. Using base ten blocks, a calculator and play money is appropriate for this task. Encourage your child to explore different options and compare them before making a final choice, taking into account the cost of the different sizes.

Your child should be familiar with the following vocabulary: estimate, calculate, add, subtract, model, 3-digit number, compare and difference.