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This Web Quest continues with the Funny Olympics theme introduced at the Chapter 5 Chapter Task. In this Web Quest students are being asked to build paper airplanes to enter in a race. Using the Internet, your child will find and print a paper plane design of their choice.

As this is a group-based Web Quest it will have to be adapted for home use. Here are some possible ways to do this.

  •  Have your child take and record a number of turns (6) then decide which turn was the best.
  •  Make more than 1 plane but use only 1 pilot (your child).
  •  Recruit competitors. This could be you!

A well-built plane could travel more than a hundred metres, so you will need lots of space to conduct your race.


  1. Read through the Introduction and Task sections of the Web Quest with your child. Discuss how you will be adapting this activity.
  2. Visit 1 or 2 of the websites listed in the Student's Section. Encourage your child to read the instructions before deciding on a paper airplane design. This will help him or her to avoid picking an overly complex plane design.
  3. Once you child has picked a design, have him or her print a copy of the instructions.
  4. Decide if you will be using the Paper Plane Race Chart or making your own. Print or create a race chart.
  5. Build your plane. Remind your child that building planes takes lots of patience and that they must follow each step very carefully.
  6. Name the plane. Discuss what unit of measurement would be appropriate for measuring the plane. Have your child estimate how long he or she thinks it will be before they measure it. Record this information on the race chart.
  7. Before you begin the race discuss with your child:

    a) what unit of measurement to use to measure the flight distances of the plane(s);

    b) what to use to measure the distances;

  8. c) how they will decide the winner.

  9. Conduct the race. Measure and record each flight. Decide who is the winner. Have your child explain how they came to this decision.

Your child should be familiar with the following vocabulary: estimate, calculate, measure, metre (m), centimetre (cm) and kilometer (km).