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The Web Activity for Chapter 4 asks your child to create a schedule of activities using a one-week calendar. In order to do this, your child will need to use skills of addition and subtraction to ensure that the minutes total the required time for the full week. In Chapter 4, your child has learned to add and subtract 2-digit numbers, such as 67 + 49, 23 + 15 + 34, 76 - 38. If the numbers that your child is adding or subtracting are larger than 2-digit, please allow your child to use a calculator. At times, your child can be encouraged to calculate in their heads. For example, if they have scheduled a total of 100 minutes and need 120, they should be able to see that 20 minutes remain to schedule in the last day.

Your child should be aware of various ways to keep track of appointments and events. You might share your method with your child and then have a look at different types of calendars that are available. These might include yearly calendars and journals (both print and electronic). Talk with your child about planning for on-going activities, such as a commitment to exercise. Give an example, such as planning to walk a total of 20 km a week or to ride a bike for 120 minutes per week. Discuss ways that this could be scheduled, showing your child that the times or distances do not have to be the same each day or that the events might happen every second day.

Once your child has explored the sites listed here, assist in the selection of a suitable calendar.

Free Printable Calendar Templates

The 10 000-Year Calendar

The Free Printable Calendar site provides a variety of templates that can be personalized and downloaded. You might also wish simply use the one-week calendar available through this task.

While your child is creating her or his schedule, ask:

"Do the minutes you have schedules add up to the correct total?"

"How many minutes in total do you want to schedule for ____? Will you schedule this every day on the calendar?"

"You have _____ minutes to use between dinner time and your bedtime. "Do your activities fit into that time? If so, how much extra time will you have that is not scheduled? If not, what do you have to change?"

Your child should be familiar with the following vocabulary to describe addition and subtraction:

2-digit numbers, sums, differences, regrouping.