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Web Quests



The Web Activity for Chapter 1 asks the children to explore patterns on the Pattern Block website. Your child will be invited to create three wallpaper border patterns for a wallpaper company. Along with each pattern they create, they will attach a description of the pattern to help the company designer make the wallpaper border.

During the patterning unit, your child has been using concrete materials called pattern blocks. The geometry shapes come in 5 shapes and 5 colours. Before logging on to the website, ask your child about the pattern blocks and how they were used.

The website provides students with virtual manipulatives that replicate the pattern blocks that they have used in the classroom throughout the unit. The virtual manipulatives, when moved onto the screen, rotate, change size, colour and, in some cases, outline colour.

Before logging onto the website talk to your child about patterns in wallpaper. If possible, show them an example of a wallpaper border or talk about places in their home where a wallpaper border might be placed.

Allow your child time to design as many patterns as he or she wishes, and encourage them to choose the 3 best to save or print.

If you wish, the wallpaper patterns can be printed in black ink and your child can use pencils or markers to add colour.

While your child is exploring the websites, ask:

"Can you describe what you did to make that pattern?"

"What would happen if you. (used the shape more than once before choosing a new one; turned the shape instead of flipping it; made the shape bigger or smaller.)"

Your child may need some assistance to describe the pattern and explain the steps that were used to create the pattern. Ask your child to tell you this information out loud before he or she tries to write it down. Ask:

"What was the first step in making the pattern?

"What number or shape did you start with?"

"What did you do to this number or shape to make the next part of the pattern?"

Your child should be familiar with the following vocabulary to describe the patterns:

attributes, growing patterns, shrinking patterns, repeating patterns, flip, slide, turn, triangle, hexagon. Many children will know the names rhombus and trapezoid when they see the pattern block shapes.