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Surf for More Math

Lesson 4 - Probability Models


To encourage your child to have fun on the Web while learning about Probability Models, here ar e some games and interactive activities they can do on their own or in pairs.


Use a probability model to solve an everyday problem.

Builds Upon

Student Book page 318



Instructions for Use

Fish Tank allows your child to measure how likely an event is to happen or probability.

To use Fish Tank, choose the level of difficult and press 'Start'. Answer the probability question by clicking on the pull-down menus. Press 'Go' to continue.

Birthday Probability lets your child use a probability model for selecting birthdays.

To use Birthday Probability, select a number from the 'Generate Birthday' pull-down menu. Click the 'Start' button to watch the birthdays randomly fly in. Or check the 'Fast Update' box to see where the birthdays have landed.